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November 15, 2013
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Our little Kyle looking cuter than ever. As he's decided to inflate himself fully with his favorite fruit juice. On the beach, in the hot summer sun, with his hat off, near his fangirls, barefoot, in nothing but his underwear... And a bra lol! (Don't ask) XD
Don't you just love him? He's even inflating his big swollen feet in a couple spots too! :love: (As you can see the hoses in different places of him) Kyle loves the feel of the liquid flowing inside him, making him feel like a hot air balloon ready to burst. Even his lovely red hair is getting puffier! :D
As you can see from the little badge I put on his leg, Kyle has also won an award from me for cutest inflated boy of 2013. Way to go honey bun! :heart: :heart:
Omg I love how the shine came out, makes me wanna squeeze him more! :) I love the way he looks, his expression/face makes me drool.
This is probably the most color and effort I've ever put into a pic. I HAD to finish it before tonight. I just love it so much.
Now there is more much needed Kyle Broflovski inflation/Weight Gain art for you to enjoy!
I KNOW the super Kyle fans will love this. I gave him that sexy jersey tan that I know some of you adore, as do I. :D

Well, it's definitely cuddle time for Kyle when he's super inflated like this. ;) *Hugs Kyle plushie*
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Retro35923 Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He's gonna blow!!!!
He sure is! ;)
HyperBeamEevee Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's so big and puffy! XD But why the bra? .-. Was he being a snoop in someone's house? :3
Haha, well, do you think it would be a good idea to show bare moobs THAT big in public? I think not. :D That's why he's wearing the bikini bra lol. Plus, I think he looks kinda cute wearing it. :giggle: And it matches his underwear. x3
Lol omg I love it he looks so cuddly  I  so wanna cuddle him  he's adorable  aww he's still got his little fluffy fro too aWWW. * fangirl screams* I Love you Kyle 
Hehehe, I knew you would! :) I gave him big round blushing cheeks, his signature poofy fro. And his Jersey tan. ;)
Hope you like the undies too! lol :heart:
I really love how this came out and pics like this make me proud to have a little Kyle doll to cuddle and pretend he's huge and bouncy like this. :love:

Kyle: :iconkyleplz: I love you too Anne! ;)
Oh he's awesome love him  just wanna give him a big hug  and his big cheeks are so cute  he's a bad sexy Jersey boy and omg I love him  your awesome Kyle love you so much * hugs you * 
I know, I'd hug him for an eternity if I saw him in real life like this all big inflated and sexy looking omg. :D Nobody would be able to get me off his big squishy tummy because I'd cling right to him, awww. :huggle: And yeah he's totally our hot and naughty little Jersey boy here. ;) he's super sexy and oooh he is my world! :heart: I LOVE his little undies! :3

Kyle: Awww, your amazing Anne! I love you too! Always! :) *His huge belly squeaks like a balloon and he blushes dark red as you hug him and he giggles cutely at you* :heart:
Yeah if Kyle was real I'd defently make him my boyfreind. Dunno of his parents would approve as in not Jewish  but I'd say I love Kyle so much it really hurts  he's hust so adorable  yeah I love his undies too so cute  and his Jersey look drives me wild and his Jersey accent  omg love him  to bits like that  he's everything to me just wanna hug him forever 

Your amazing too Kyle love you so much *kisses you* let's go out together I never want to let you out my sight love you too much 
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